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Saying That in Spanish

That is one of those words in English that has no straightforward answer to the question: How do you translate that to Spanish? More so than most words, translating that to Spanish requires you to understand how it is used in a sentence and what it means. A quite common word, it can function as a pronoun, conjunction, adjective or adverb — or be part of phrases where its meaning is less than clear. That as an Adjective When that is used an adjective, it most often is used to point to a particular thing or person. In such cases, it functions as a demonstrative adjective. The most common demonstrative adjectives used for that are ese (masculine), esa (feminine), aquel (masculine) and aquella (feminine). Generally, objects referred to with ese or esa are not as far away in space or time as ones accompanied by aquel or aquella. Im going to buy myself that car. Me voy a comprar ese coche.That car (over there) is better than yours. Aquel coche es mejor que el tuyo.I want that computer!  ¡Quiero esa computadora! Less frequently, that can be used to refer to someone or something that was mentioned earlier. Using dicho or dicha is a possible translation: At the end of the video one can observe that that woman (the one mentioned earlier) is betrayed before her very eyes. Al final del video se puede observar que dicha mujer es traiconada ante sus propios ojos.I would like to acquire that car (that weve been talking about). Me gustarà ­a adquirir dicho coche. That as a Subject or Object Pronoun Usually, when that is used as subject or object pronoun, it is used much the same way as the demonstrative adjectives discussed above, except that it stands by itself without the noun, becoming a demonstrative pronoun. The forms are the same as the adjectives listed above, although an  orthographic accent is used used by some writers even though it is not strictly necessary. Im going to buy myself that. Me voy a comprar à ©se.That (over there) is better than yours. Aquà ©l es mejor que el tuyo.I want that!  ¡Quiero à ©sa! If that refers to a sentence, a thought or something that is unknown (and therefore its gender not known), eso (no accent) is used: That is a good idea. Eso es una buena idea.What is that?  ¿Quà © es eso?All that cant be free. Todo eso no puede ser gratis. In many cases, that as a subject pronoun doesnt have to be translated at all, especially where it could be used as well. For example, thats impossible could usually be translated as either eso es imposible or merely es imposible. That as a Relative Pronoun When that is used as a relative pronoun, it introduces a phrase or clause that provides more information about a noun, which it follows. This concept is probably easier to understand with examples, where that is generally translated by the Spanish que: This is the house that youre looking for. Ésta es la casa que buscas.She is the student that knows nothing. Es la estudiante que sabe nada.El Bulli is a restaurant that is found in Girona. El Bulli es un restaurante que se encuentra en Girona. If that can be replaced by who or which with little change in meaning, it is probably functioning as a relative pronoun. If the relative pronoun that is used in an English sentence that ends in a preposition, you may need to use the relative pronoun el cual or its variations (la cual, los cuales or las cuales, depending on number and gender) following a Spanish preposition: Its the juice  that you couldnt live without. Es el jugo sin el cual no podrà ­as vivir.She is a woman that many dont pay attention to. Es una mujer a la cual muchos no le ponen atencià ³n. That as a Conjunction Although that may not seem like it is a conjunction, it often functions as one (a subordinating conjunction, to be precise) when it follows a verb. Typically, que can be used in translation: The boss said that he is happy with my work. El jefe me dijo que està ¡ contento con mi trabajo.I understand that I cant be forced to sign this document. Comprendo que no se me puede forzar a firmar este documento.He knows that we know that such an aspiration is stupidity. Él sabe que nosotros sabemos que tal pretensià ³n es una estupidez. That as an Adverb Usually, that as an adverb is the rough equivalent of so and can be translated as tan. He isnt that smart. No es tan inteligente.Yes, its that important to wash your hands. Sà ­, es tan importante lavarse los manos. That in Phrases and Idioms In phrases and idioms, the translation of that is often unpredictable. There are probably too many such phrases to be memorized; it is probably better to try to think of what the phrase means and translate accordingly. Here are some examples of how you might translate phrases using that: And thats that!:  ¡Y eso es todo!At that: He is a writer, and a good one at that. Es escritor, y ademà ¡s de los buenos.Despite that: They charged for Ubuntu despite that it is free. Cobraron Ubuntu a pesar de que es gratis.How to you like that?:  ¿Quà © te parece?In order that, so that: We need your help in order that the campaign be successful. Necesitamos su ayuda a fin de que la campaà ±a tenga à ©xito. Evil exists so that people can appreciate what is good. El mal existe para que las personas puedan apreciar lo que es bueno.Like that: Why do politicians talk like that?  ¿Por quà © hablan asà ­ los polà ­ticos?That I know of: Nobody has cloned me that I know of. Que yo sepa nadie me ha clonado.That is to say: Excel 2007 didnt know how to multiply. That is to say, it made mistakes. Excel 2007 no sabà ­a multiplicar. Es decir, se equivocaba.

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Persian Empire Expedition Greece ( 492 B.c ) - 1121 Words

Persian Empire Expedition to Greece (492 B.C.) Herodotus, the world’s first historian, who describes the expansion of the Achaemenid Empire under the power of its kings Cyrus the Great, Cambyses, and Darius the Great, in his book â€Å"The Histories† says, â€Å"Darius the Great had begged his god to grant him the punishment of the Athenians.† Due to interfere of Greeks in Ionian war with Persian Empire, the Persian army invaded mainland Greece to gain revenge for the Athenian’s aid to the Ionians. The Battle of Marathon was a major battle in the first war between the Greek city-states and the Persian Empire, and it was a major victory for Greeks. Darius the Great lost many battles against Greek due to not having an advanced plan on the surrounding area of the battlefield, and his greediness toward Greeks, but his son Xerxes, did not repeat his father’s mistake and fought on both sea and land, nevertheless, the main reason Xerxes accepted to defeat Greeks was due to his nightmares. Darius the Great was one of the kings of Persia who ruled for 35 years, from 522 BCE to 486 BCE. Darius I was the third Persian king and he was considered by many â€Å"Darius the Great.† Darius held together the massive empire, and he also extended its borders. As a result, with Darius as the Persian Empire King, Achaemenian Persia became the largest empire in the world in that era. Darius did not just expand the borders, but he also centralized the administration of the empire, and developed juridicalShow MoreRelatedAlexander The Great Has Truly Shaped And Inspired The Entire World2294 Words   |  10 PagesAlexander the Great has become worldly recognized and lives on to this day as a modern hero who took on, conquered the world and spread Hellenic culture. Alexander III of Macedon was born in the royal palace in Pella, the capital of Macedon, in July 356 B.C. The people of Ancient Macedonia were considered to be â€Å"barbarians† or backward foreigners from a Greeks perspective even though the Macedonians spoke and followed Greek culture. Alexander was born three years into the great military commander of King

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Nitration of Methyl Benzoate Free Essays

Nitration of Methyl Benzoate Introduction: Nitration is an example of an electrophile aromatic substitution reaction, where nitro (NO2) group is being substituted for a hydrogen on an aromatic compound. This is achieved by the formation of the nitronium ion by protonation of nitric acid from sulfuric acid. The zirconium ion is a strong electrophile and can react with aromatic compound such as Methyl benzoate to form an arenium ion intermediate. We will write a custom essay sample on Nitration of Methyl Benzoate or any similar topic only for you Order Now The arenium ion is then depronated to reform the aromatic ring and yield the final product with the newly attached nitro group. Reaction: ? Table of Physical Contents: Procedure: Obtain an ice bath. 12 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid was gathered, cooled to 0 degrees Celsius, and put in a 125-ml Erlenmeyer flash. Then 6. 1g of methyl benzoate was added. Then cooled in an ice bath to 0-10 degrees Celsius. A Pasteur pipette was used to add a cooled mixture of 4-mL of concentrated sulfuric acid and 4-mL of concentrated nitric acid. ? Figure 1: How to properly use a Pasteur pipette The mixture was then swirled frequently and maintained a temperature of 5C-15C. Figure 2: Swirling the mixture After all of the nitric acid was added the mixture was then warmed to room temperature. After 15 minutes, it was then poured into a 250-mL. The solid product was isolated by suction filtration using a small Buchner funnel. ? Figure3: Labeled vacuum filtration ? Figure 4: Carefully scraping out the crystals A small amount of sample was saved and weighed. Results: ? Figure 5: NMR of the product ? Discussion/Conclusion: The mel ting point of the recrystallized product was 73-78 degrees Celsius. This was very accurate to that of the book. In this experiment, methyl benzoate went through an electrophilic substitution reaction to form Mehyl-m-nitro benzoate, where a NO2 group was added to the methyl benzoate in the meta position. Nitric acid is not a strong enough electrophile to react with the aromatic benzene ring, but the zirconium ion with the positive charge on the nitrogen is a strong electrophile and can react with the double bond of the methyl benzoate. The experiment was an overall success. The H NMR data successfully confirmed that the experiment was done correctly. Substances Formula Weight g/mol Quantity Moles Used Mole Ratio Boiling Point Melting Point Density g/mL Concentrated Nitric Acid 63. 01 0. 5mL 1. 192 x 10^-2 N/A N/A 121 1. 5027 Concentrated Sulfuric Acid 98. 08 1. 6mL 3. 0 x 10^-2 N/A N/A N/A 1. 841 Ethanol 46. 07 2-3mL N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Methyl Benzoate 136. 15 0. 55g 4. 039x 10^-3 1 to 1 113-115 N/A N/A Methyl Nitro- Benzoate 181. 13 Product N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A How to cite Nitration of Methyl Benzoate, Papers

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Proposal Honda Case

Summary of the Honda Case The case under analysis reveals the problem of shaping effective human resource management polices for managers and employees to communicate in a culturally diverse environment. At this point, the scenario is focused on the failure to eliminate conflict at Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI), a subsidiary company of the Honda Motor Company Limited (HMCL) located in Tokyo, Japan.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on Proposal: Honda Case specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In particular, inability of supervisors to meet the needs of their employees, as well as aggressive human resource management polices, prevented the employees from creating trade unions. As a result, reluctance to meet the needs of a culturally diverse environment led to significant damages to the respectable image of the company. Because of inappropriate cross-cultural management, the company suffered a significant p roduction decline and faced a rigorous opposition of the employees. Despite the strictly established global policy of managing people, which is based on individual differences, mutual trust, respect, and equality, HMSI was more focused on other global trends of production, namely high quality and manufacture of world class products at the expense of employee’s stressful working conditions and negligence of their rights. With regard to the above presented situation, specific emphasis should be placed on the analysis of culture noise phenomenon that became the major reason of discontent and friction between the employees and their managers. In addition, analysis of cross-cultural strategies along with conflict management is indispensible to working out efficient solutions. Analysis of Theories and Lectures With Regard to the Key Data in the Case Study The company that acts on the international arena should take into consideration cultural and social peculiarities of employees i nvolved into the production. The human resource management trends, therefore, should rely on both general and individual perceptions of qualities and traits that a person should posses while managing in a culturally diverse environment. Otherwise, there is a high probability of emerging conflicts between managers and their subordinates due to miscommunication. Judging from the case, negligence of cultural, psychological and social needs of an employee can lead to serious confrontations, or even loss of a valuable worker. The main problem of the company’s managers lies in distorting the information and providing false statement concerning employee’s responsibilities and duties. Hence, the Indian managers did not make it possible for employees to meet with top managers and express their complaints about the working conditions. An emphasis on seniority prevented from established the global policy of equality, respect for individuals, and mutual trust.Advertising Look ing for proposal on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Cultural noise is one the primary reasons for inappropriate communication between managers and their subordinates. In particular, the phenomenon identifies the common problems that domestic team experience, such as deficiency in relevant knowledge and skills, absence of clarity regarding team goals, and misalignment of team objectives. Hence, team can immediately fail until they start cultivate fruitful relations. As a result, there is a serious challenge that domestic leaders face while meeting global business perspectives. The creation of culture noise negatively affects proper delivery of a message from a sender (usually a global message) to a receiver (domestic manager, or an employee). Ambiguity in presenting message, therefore, is predetermined by cultural differences. In our case, the cultural gap exists between Indian and Japanese managers whose vision on human resource managers differs significantly. In particular, Indian manager focus on exceptional quality of the products and neglect individual needs and concerns of their workers. In contrast, Japanese managers view fruitful management and cooperation in meeting the needs of individuals and cultivating trust at the core of manufacturing world class products. Proposal of Solutions Addressing Cross Cultural Management Efficiency of cross-cultural management in an organization depends on the extent to which the policy of trust and respect is considered. Though HMSI followed the global human resources practice of appreciating individual differences, it still failed to adhere to the principle of respect and equality among the employees. In order to suppress the policy of excess seniority, a vertical management strategy should be implemented for top managers in Japan to keep abreast of the policies that local managers follow with regard to employees. Introducing transparency and sha red decision making can promote welfare of employees and increase the company’s productivity. The role of a local manager, therefore, is confined to encouraging direct communication between workers and senior managers at a global level. They should strictly adhere to the world class standards and place emphasis on welfare of each individual working in the company.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on Proposal: Honda Case specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Settling Conflicts within the Context of Japan and India Within the concept of freedom and equality, Indian workers should be encouraged to present their decisions and concerns when it comes to the production process and working conditions. In this respect, training program for frontline managers in India should be implemented so as to practice and advance their negotiation skills. In particular, they should be able to render clear messages to guarantee the message will not be distorted because of culturally predetermined environments understanding this message differently. In this respect, the importance of words, body language, and tone of voice is ensured for it influences the way employees perceive the overall idea. The Impact of Culture Noise and Implications for Managers to Act in Future Cultural discrepancies serve as filters between the sender of a message and its receiver. A global orientation should come to the forth, as well as constant monitoring of local manager’s work. In particular, there should be a person who will be able to take control of quality of following the global philosophy established by HMCL. To eliminate the problem of trust in global business teams, a survey should be conducted among both employers and employees to define the extent to which workers feel support and trust on the part of their managers. The consequences of culture noise can also be eliminated by handling the language and geographic b arriers. The presence of a multi-national leadership is much more efficient in approaching culturally and emotional sensitive environment and developing interpersonal skills. With these aspects in mind, a consistent framework of managing conflict situation can be created that would allow the company to avoid the frictions and aggressive confrontations as it happened in July 2005. This proposal on Proposal: Honda Case was written and submitted by user Patricia P. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Paul Revere essays

Paul Revere essays The time April 18,1775, the place Lexington Massachusets. On this night something happened that would change and shape America from then on. General Gage sent a company of about 700 men to seize ammunition and guns the colonist had hidden in Concord. NO sooner were the soldiers on the move, than the watchful eyes of two patriots hurried to spred the alarm. One of these patriots was a very intresting peron for he would be remembered throughout history. Paul Revere was born on New Years Day 1735. He was a silversmith who served in the militia in the French and Indian War. In the begining of the 1670's Paul joined the Sons of Liberty, but this was only the begining. Later, he led a group of diguised Indians in the Boston Tea Party of 1773. Though all these things are important, this still is not what he is remembered for. Tuesday April 18, Pal Revere learned of the Brittish plan to capture the colonist arms at Lexingotn and Concord. So, that night Paul Revere and William Dawes rode to warn the Americans. Paul did not know if they were comming by land or by sea. He told a man named Robert Newman to hang one latern in the church tower if by land and two if by sea. Paul left by crossing the Charlse River, while William left through the town gate. They met at Lexington and warned countrymen thee. Here a man named Samuel Prescott joined them. On their way to Concord though, paul was captured by the British. He was stripped of his horse and freed. Only Samuel Prescott got through to warn the Americans in Concord. Latter on in the war, Paul Revere served in the Continental Army as a lietenant, in command of a fort called Castle Island in Boston. Before I bring this to a close. I want to ask a question. What would have happened if Paul Revere would have never gone on his famous ride? I say that the Americans would have never been warned. There would have been no fighting, and the Britsh would have just taken the arms sup ...

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Writing for Literary Magazines

Writing for Literary Magazines 163 Literary Magazines Accepting Reprints The more I read the list the madder I got. Not at the blog and not at the author, but at the fact  123 of those 163 publications dont pay for reprints. But what you dont immediately see is most of them dont pay for original works, either. Look closely and youll see that 11 pay token payments, three admit paying pennies, 12 pay semi-pro rates when pro is six cents/word. Some admit $1, $2, $5 and $8 flat rate. You could count on one hand the ones that pay double digits, with the highest admitting paying $10 to $100. I understand that the author of the piece attempted to help writers who wanted to resell material theyd already published. Very few of them will pay you, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have reached more readers. Sorry, thats still exposure, in my book in lieu of payment.   Why should you write for these publications? You shouldnt. The only way Id write for a publication such as these is if their reputation is pretty darn big and can catapult your career. I dont mean 2,500 readers. I mean tens of thousands and their name is recognizable and respected. Otherwise, youre feeding their preference to pay writers nothing and the exposure promise is worth nil. Exposure to a small group is not exposure. Why do people submit to them? A wide range of reasons. Because they think itll make them look professional. Because they think the exposure will do something for their career, not evening thinking what exposure means.  Because they hate rejection. Many would rather publish quickly or for nothing than hold out. Its possibly ego or desperation to publish, or a combination of the two. Its so much more professional, and youll respect yourself so much more, if you hold off publishing until you can climb the ladder a little bit and reach the paying publications. Yes, even in the literary world, they have markets that pay. One of the biggest myths out there is if you write for free or pennies, you are paying your dues. Um, no. You are proving to a higher calibre editor and publication that you settle for less. Most say they do not have the budget to pay. Many say they are nonprofit and cannot afford to pay. Some say they are university affiliated and, therefore, cannot afford to pay. The fact is, if you run a business (and a nonprofit or university press is a business), and you run it properly, you find the money to pay the people providing the raw materials that make it happen. The printer, the mailman, and all the players who put that publication together are getting paid. Which means you should be shamed into starving.

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Emerging adulthoods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Emerging adulthoods - Essay Example When there are no social bonds and turning points these difficulties are carried into emerging adulthood. The solution is to create opportunities for this emerging adulthood; to build social bonds and have turning points as these have been proved to work by previous research. This can be done in various ways. Salvatore talks about social restrictions and age – graded theories that he explains using the term â€Å"desistance†. Desistance happens over time while social bonds are developed. Because of the time effect of desistance, the changes that occur are self made and not imposed on the individuals. The person only finds reasons for not wanting to engage in offensive action. These are things like job stability where the person has a stable income and a steady job that he can rely on and has no spare time for offensive action. The other reason is a strong attachment to one's business, where the person loves his/her job and wants to keep it and, so they abide to rules an d regulations of the job and keep the proper business ethics. Another reason is marriage. An individual may get attached to another person, and does not want to get separated from them. Therefore, they distance themselves from anything that could take them away from their loved one. Family ties are also responsible for desistance especially when an individual becomes a parent. They tend to want to set good examples for their children, and be there when they are growing up. Thus, they leave their past life of an offence and build a new one with this motivation. Age also matters when it comes to desistance. One will only look at their age and feel the need to have an alteration from the offensive life they have been leading form years. All this are the opposite of the root causes for an offensive lifestyle. Most offenders have nothing of value in their lives; they have nothing to live up to and without motivation, life has no meaning. Salvatore claims that social controls and turning points are the solution to emerging adulthood, and he is right in that a change in lifestyle could affect a change in performance. While some people may argue that the factors discussed above may not necessarily cause a change of behavior, it can be proven that social bonds like a marriage and a stable job will greatly reduce the time spent with delinquent peers who will always be a bad influence an individual showing signs of desistance. Cultural differences are relevant to emerging adult hoods as they introduce new opportunities and new peers. However, trends are changing in relation to the societal norms. More and more young people in the United States are postponing marriages and some are not getting married at all. Marriage is one of the key transitions to adulthood, and it acts as a socializing institution that requires conformity to conventional social norms (Laub & Sampson 2). This in turn, leads to delayed parenting and the responsibilities that come with parenting. Changes in the economy have also not been helpful for the emerging adulthood growth as the young now have to work very hard; just to have a middle class lifestyle and most give up trying. Increased educational credentials are also required, just to get a decent job. This is problematic to most young people; who have no post high school education. This leads to lack of financial independence, which makes most young people remain at home or move back to their parents’ houses, and continue on with their offensive performance. These trends in marriage, economy, parenting and education have led to an extended transition period where the young adults continue acting like teenagers trying to find themselves while continuing with their